Balloon Concept

I have been playing with the design of the balloon, first with some different shapes. I would like it to be shaped more like an old-fashioned balloon, i.e. rounder rather than bulb-shaped.

The balloon is to be made from patchwork, so I have scanned in a lot of different pieces of patterned paper to use for this. Here is a quick concept I put together to show the sort of look I’m going for:

At the moment the patches are all layed on very flat. I’m not sure whether to cut them out so the edges show the curvature of the balloon, so that it looks round, or to leave them as they are so that it looks flat, like a collage or cut-out. Some more experimentation is needed.


Thursday 29th October, 2009. concepts. Comments off.

Storyboard Presentation

The outline of my story is as follows:

It is night time and a tall house stands alone in the mountains, dark except for a single window on the top floor. A small boy, alone in this big house, gazes out. He notices the moon in the sky, also alone, and realises that it looks sad – it too must be lonely. He grabs the blanket from his bed and begins sewing.

Going outside, he reveals the hot air balloon he has made. He takes off into the sky, only stopping once he is in front of the moon. The moon is surprised to see him, but they begin chatting and are soon friends.

As the sun begins to rise the boy returns back to the ground. He looks up and waves goodbye to his new friend. The moon fades away as the sky lightens, but it is now smiling as it, and the boy, are no longer lonely.

I presented my storyboards today and they got a positive reaction, which was good. People liked that the character I’d used in them (a sort of placeholder blob-person) was very simple and thought it seemed to work well, so I will try to keep my character design as simple as I can. It was suggested however that some more shots were needed when the boy reaches the balloon, and that something happens to show them interacting, such as him giving the balloon a present – this is something I need to think about and figure out.

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Character Designs: Moon

These are my designs for the moon. I liked the one on the right of the middle row best, so did some different expressions for it. I decided against doing a turnaround as it will only be seen from the one angle (just like the real moon).

Saturday 24th October, 2009. character designs. Comments off.

Initial Character Designs: Thomas

I have begun designing the little boy character, who I have decided to call Thomas. My designs started with quick pen doodles and sketches done in a notebook. I have a rough idea of what I want him to look like – small, with a round-ish face and wearing a flying helmet and scarf. (There are also some roughs of the balloon and moon.)

I then started to refine the design by sketching out a range of heads, and trying different hats instead of a helmet.

But as is always the way I like the first one best!!

Saturday 24th October, 2009. character designs. Comments off.