This is a concept piece of Thomas sewing the balloon that I have been working on the past couple of days. (A big thank you to Zahra for posing for me!)

I just realised I never posted the turnaround for Thomas, so here that is as well:


Friday 27th November, 2009. character designs, concepts. Comments off.

More Story Changes

I had a tutorial with Steve and Kevin this morning, the points of discussion were:

  • Add lots of close-ups of knitting (scarf for moon), sewing and blowing up balloon
  • Come into the story in the middle – Thomas is already knitting as he is looking out of the window at the moon

I will be adjusting my animatic to add some changes, and then it is on to the animated layout!

Tuesday 17th November, 2009. story. Comments off.

Cloud Test

After Martin taught a masterclass on After Effects I decided to try one of his effects as I thought it would be handy for my film. He showed us how to make clouds that look like clouds, and then create a shadow on them that happens as they pass over the sun. I decided to adapt this to use it for my moon instead!

I’m quite pleased with how it looks although it still needs some work on masking out the edge glow where the clouds overlap each other.

Sunday 15th November, 2009. tests. Comments off.


I presented my animatic this afternoon (video to follow when it uploads!)

I also had a tutorial with Jeremy regarding my animatic. The points/changes discussed were:

  • Thomas could be seen with the blanket wrapped round his shoulders at the window to emphasise the cold – looks at it draped over his arm rather than looking at it on the bed
  • Re-order shots where he taps the moon to wake it up
  • Do not show the moon wearing the scarf as soon as it is given
  • Change final scene – have Thomas waving at the moon through the window (as at the beginning of the film). It comes out from behind the clouds and the scarf is seen then

Tuesday 10th November, 2009. animatic, story. Comments off.

Moon Concept

Here is a quick concept of how I would like the moon to look. I added an old paper texture to it so that it looks rougher and cratery.

Monday 9th November, 2009. concepts. Comments off.

Story & Character Design Changes

I had a tutorial with Dan and Jeremy this morning and the following points were discussed:

  • Thomas needs to interact with the moon somehow, so that he is seen onscreen with it for longer – this is important as it is the climax of the film
  • He should perhaps give the moon a present – ideas included something living (e.g. a plant or a fish in a bowl) or a scarf that matches his own (to show that he cares – the moon could be feeling cold and this is why it’s sad)
  • The final scene where the sun rises and the moon disappears should be dropped – the moon going away gives a feeling of sadness when it should be a happy scene
  • He should either be seen waving goodbye while it is still nighttime, or have the moon smiling through the window at him tucked up in bed
  • Thomas’ character design should be adjusted so that his facial features match the moon’s – i.e. his nose should be made longer

Based on the feedback I received, here is the updated (and hopefully final) character design for Thomas:

Tuesday 3rd November, 2009. character designs, story. Comments off.

Thomas Costume Designs

These are some costume designs I have done for Thomas:

I have thought about giving him a costume change during the film, so that when he is inside he is just wearing pyjamas and then wears a jumper/boots/scarf in outside shots. The one on the far right is the one I have chosen to use.

Monday 2nd November, 2009. character designs. Comments off.