Backgrounds: Mountains

Some more work from my portfolio. I have been thinking about the sort of colours I would like to use for my backgrounds, and after coming up with a colour palette for the mountains tried to get a feel of what they would actually look like.

Colour test of still taken from pre-vis:

Background design:


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More Character Work

Here is some more character work from my portfolio…

Thomas attitude poses:

Size comparison:

A helpful way of remembering the sizes is that the balloon is roughly the same length as the moon’s nose.

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Updated Animatic and Pre-Vis

As promised a long time ago, my animatic and pre-vis have been updated to reflect the changes that have been made to the story. They now give a much better representation of the final film and can be used in collaboration with a music student to produce the film’s soundtrack.

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Balloons, Moons and Scarves

I’ve been working on my production portfolio so here’s a quick update with some of the work I’ve done for it.

Balloon concepts (re-worked previous one and lit up one):

Moon wearing its scarf designs:

I can’t decide which one I like best, I’m stuck between the blue/purple stripey one and the green one (which I’ve been told looks like a baby… it kind of does…)

Friday 15th January, 2010. character designs, concepts. Comments off.

Thomas in the Balloon

A new concept piece I did this evening based on a frame from my storyboard:

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Finished Model and Coloured Turnaround

I didn’t destroy my model with paint as I’d thought I might… in fact it looks much much better! I’m so pleased with how it turned out. I might varnish it now.

I also coloured my turnaround of Thomas a couple of evenings ago, for my production portfolio.

Now I’m off to go play in the snow!!

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Playing with Clay

Here is a photo of the model of Thomas before I possibly destroy it with paint. It’s a bit wobbly and lumpy but hopefully not too bad considering I’ve not used clay since primary school…

Tuesday 5th January, 2010. character designs. Comments off.

New Balloon Concept

I have re-done the concept for my balloon with a design that I am much happier with. The patches now follow the curve of the balloon rather than look flat.

I have also modelled a clay version of Thomas – it is currently drying, photos will be coming soon. I plan to paint it if I have time.

Monday 4th January, 2010. concepts. Comments off.