Shot 19 Line Test

I’ve been working on the line test for shot 19 today. I’m pleased with how Thomas turned out although the moon face still needs work, I think it turns too slowly.


Saturday 27th February, 2010. line tests. Comments off.


Here is the alpha version of the film. The shot timings are now pretty much finalised.

Wednesday 17th February, 2010. alpha. Comments off.


I’ve begun work on painting the backgrounds, starting with the sky. Here is the biggest one, from the shot of the balloon going up with the shooting stars – I’ve put a couple of real constellations in there, see if you can see them…

It’s been suggested to me that as it pans I animate the different layers (stars, aurora borealis etc.) at slightly different speeds – although this wouldn’t happen in real life it would help to give the shot a feeling of depth.

Tuesday 2nd February, 2010. backgrounds. Comments off.