This is the beta version of the film to be handed in later today… There are a few continuity issues and other various things that need fixing, but in all I’m happy with how it’s turning out. Just need to finish it now!

This also includes a preview of the soundtrack which has been written for me by Harry and Lewis. As with the animation it’s a work-in-progress but I’m really pleased with it and looking forward to hearing the final thing.


Wednesday 24th March, 2010. beta, soundtrack. Comments off.


Here are some stills from scenes that I have finished. The beta version will be coming on the 24th.

Thursday 18th March, 2010. stills. Comments off.

More Backgrounds

Here’s a couple of backgrounds I did today – the first one is from the opening shot of the film, where the camera will pan to show Thomas’ house (which I haven’t painted yet) between the mountains, and the second from the shot where Thomas looks up at the moon before the balloon takes off.

Tuesday 2nd March, 2010. backgrounds. Comments off.