Here is the final film. I want to give a massive thank you to Harry and Lewis for producing my soundtrack, and to all my lecturers, family and friends and everyone who has offered encouragement and support along the way. I couldn’t have done it without you!


Tuesday 25th May, 2010. final. Comments off.

Nearly there

The film is now finished, and will be up later next week. I was shortlisted for the University of Hertfordshire’s Animation Exposé, and made it into the final selection, so this will be the first proper screening of Moon! Exciting times.

Saturday 22nd May, 2010. final. Comments off.


Here is the gold version of the film (which finally finished rendering at 6 this morning…)

This is the semi-final version of the film which will be graded, although I plan to continue working on it for the degree show exhibition at the end of the month, so the final version should be up around the 24th.

There are a few parts of the animation which need tweaking and tidying up, as well as some of the backgrounds. However the main thing which will change is that I need to go back and paint highlights onto Thomas in the shots where they’re needed.

Not long to go now!

Tuesday 11th May, 2010. gold. Comments off.