Vote for Moon in the Virgin Media Shorts final!

I have exciting news – Moon has been chosen as one of the final twelve in the Virgin Media Shorts competiton! I now need to ask for your help and support! If you could spare the time to cast a vote for Moon I would be so amazingly grateful!

You can watch Moon and vote for it here –

Thank you guys, your support is very much appreciated!


Tuesday 31st August, 2010. virgin media shorts. Comments off.

My first review!

A nice little review of Moon was posted on the VMS site, they were kind enough to feature it in the first part of their animation showcase. Thanks guys!

An animation so charming that it will warm the cockles (literally) of even the most embittered cynic. The story of a boy who decides the moon looks cold – and so decides to make him a ruddy great scarf.

Sunday 15th August, 2010. virgin media shorts. Comments off.