Updated Animatic and Pre-Vis

As promised a long time ago, my animatic and pre-vis have been updated to reflect the changes that have been made to the story. They now give a much better representation of the final film and can be used in collaboration with a music student to produce the film’s soundtrack.


Thursday 21st January, 2010. animatic, pre-vis. Comments off.


I presented my animatic this afternoon (video to follow when it uploads!)

I also had a tutorial with Jeremy regarding my animatic. The points/changes discussed were:

  • Thomas could be seen with the blanket wrapped round his shoulders at the window to emphasise the cold – looks at it draped over his arm rather than looking at it on the bed
  • Re-order shots where he taps the moon to wake it up
  • Do not show the moon wearing the scarf as soon as it is given
  • Change final scene – have Thomas waving at the moon through the window (as at the beginning of the film). It comes out from behind the clouds and the scarf is seen then

Tuesday 10th November, 2009. animatic, story. Comments off.