More Backgrounds

Here’s a couple of backgrounds I did today – the first one is from the opening shot of the film, where the camera will pan to show Thomas’ house (which I haven’t painted yet) between the mountains, and the second from the shot where Thomas looks up at the moon before the balloon takes off.


Tuesday 2nd March, 2010. backgrounds. Comments off.


I’ve begun work on painting the backgrounds, starting with the sky. Here is the biggest one, from the shot of the balloon going up with the shooting stars – I’ve put a couple of real constellations in there, see if you can see them…

It’s been suggested to me that as it pans I animate the different layers (stars, aurora borealis etc.) at slightly different speeds – although this wouldn’t happen in real life it would help to give the shot a feeling of depth.

Tuesday 2nd February, 2010. backgrounds. Comments off.

Backgrounds: Mountains

Some more work from my portfolio. I have been thinking about the sort of colours I would like to use for my backgrounds, and after coming up with a colour palette for the mountains tried to get a feel of what they would actually look like.

Colour test of still taken from pre-vis:

Background design:

Thursday 21st January, 2010. backgrounds. Comments off.