Balloons, Moons and Scarves

I’ve been working on my production portfolio so here’s a quick update with some of the work I’ve done for it.

Balloon concepts (re-worked previous one and lit up one):

Moon wearing its scarf designs:

I can’t decide which one I like best, I’m stuck between the blue/purple stripey one and the green one (which I’ve been told looks like a baby… it kind of does…)


Friday 15th January, 2010. character designs, concepts. Comments off.

Thomas in the Balloon

A new concept piece I did this evening based on a frame from my storyboard:

Friday 8th January, 2010. concepts. Comments off.

New Balloon Concept

I have re-done the concept for my balloon with a design that I am much happier with. The patches now follow the curve of the balloon rather than look flat.

I have also modelled a clay version of Thomas – it is currently drying, photos will be coming soon. I plan to paint it if I have time.

Monday 4th January, 2010. concepts. Comments off.


This is a concept piece of Thomas sewing the balloon that I have been working on the past couple of days. (A big thank you to Zahra for posing for me!)

I just realised I never posted the turnaround for Thomas, so here that is as well:

Friday 27th November, 2009. character designs, concepts. Comments off.

Moon Concept

Here is a quick concept of how I would like the moon to look. I added an old paper texture to it so that it looks rougher and cratery.

Monday 9th November, 2009. concepts. Comments off.

Balloon Concept

I have been playing with the design of the balloon, first with some different shapes. I would like it to be shaped more like an old-fashioned balloon, i.e. rounder rather than bulb-shaped.

The balloon is to be made from patchwork, so I have scanned in a lot of different pieces of patterned paper to use for this. Here is a quick concept I put together to show the sort of look I’m going for:

At the moment the patches are all layed on very flat. I’m not sure whether to cut them out so the edges show the curvature of the balloon, so that it looks round, or to leave them as they are so that it looks flat, like a collage or cut-out. Some more experimentation is needed.

Thursday 29th October, 2009. concepts. Comments off.