Shooting Stars, Comets and Fire

I had some (i.e. a lot of) help in Fusion from Callum, who took my very sketchy rough shooting star and comet from shot 16 and made them very pretty:

I also had a lot of help from Martin, who turned the fire in shot 10 from this:

To this (which looks very pretty when animated):


Monday 26th April, 2010. stills, tests. Comments off.

Cloud Test

After Martin taught a masterclass on After Effects I decided to try one of his effects as I thought it would be handy for my film. He showed us how to make clouds that look like clouds, and then create a shadow on them that happens as they pass over the sun. I decided to adapt this to use it for my moon instead!

I’m quite pleased with how it looks although it still needs some work on masking out the edge glow where the clouds overlap each other.

Sunday 15th November, 2009. tests. Comments off.